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“It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to.”

--Jean-Luc Godard


 “The word “color” can elicit a multitude of reactions. Especially in these politically charged and
sensitive times, the context within which the visual descriptors and connotative meanings of color
has become hugely important. As a multimedia artist, the context I have chosen to explore color
in all its aspects, race included, is with these photo/collages.

Using the vocabulary of commercial color swatches and vintage photographs, I am focusing attention
on the inherent biases and connotations we have when viewing photographs, experiencing color
and acknowledging the names given to colors. The cumulative effect of the juxtaposition of the color
“labels” to the images aims to evoke responses in the viewer that can range from humor to hurt,
familiarity to discomfort, irony to affirmation, ambiguity to clarity”.





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