“Ruth Lozner’s work is positioned at the intersection of two nearly simultaneous realities: while we live in the present, the past always remains …indeed, the past is omni-present."

"The past’s accompanying memories insinuate themselves at every turn – a song on the radio, a smell from the bakery, an old birthday card, a photograph.  These sensory triggers are an important part of who we are and how we experience the world. This artist is immersed in the practice of making the immateriality of those elusive and existential concepts into something tangible, redolent and evocative. From attics to dustbins, she rescues ordinary objects and ephemera that suggest intriguing stories and characters. These seemingly inconsequential bits and pieces are evidence of very real lives of anonymous people; yet, by her creative reconfigurations they become catalysts for the personal memories, associations and emotions of the viewer.”

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